The eldest daughter of peasant farmers who are pacifists and eat only what grows from the land.


Lateness grew up in Valor’s Point. Just over 55 years ago, she developed water magic, killed a zvumbie, and was exiled from her family until she learned to control her inner beast. Lateness returned 35 years ago wearing the same peasant clothes she had left in. Those who saw her return were more interested in the elven noble lady that was accompanying her. Her family noted her pack was bigger than when she had left, but they were more focused on the beast that landed beside her. Her roc companion, Darkness, is the antithesis of her family’s way of life. The last 35 years have seen Lateness living the life of a peasant farmer who hunts wild creatures, mainly to feed Darkness. The only thing of note that she has done during that time is to return the runaway changeling to her home eighteen months ago. Her only luxuries appear to be her bow and a reversible cloak she uses to blend in when she hunts. Her parents will tell you that her cloak cost the exorbitant price of one gold. She seldom speaks in elven since her return and the only magic she is known to cast is the water magic she developed before she left.


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